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We regard ourselves as a group of like-minded critical thinkers with different perspectives that come together to compliment our client’s needs. Our team is made up of eclectic backgrounds. Our team has over 85 years of experience in our respective areas of expertise. The nature of our operation is organic. Collectively we bring to the table components that are necessary to make our client’s business, program, or project whole again. We want to assure the foundation is operating from a purpose driven position.

The core of your business strategy is what we look at to determine the need and to provide a true value proposition of your intellectual property, and how it is performing. If we had to label ourselves, it would be sited as image makers, reputation managers and story tellers. Our conversations are about growth and what we need to do to get there.

We invite you to journey with us as we share our stories and the stories of our clients. You will appreciate the deliberateness in why we selected the team we have and the clients we serve.

We invite you to get in touch with us to share your thoughts and explore the possibilities.

Kathy Raby

Kathy Raby

President & CEO

Kathy Raby, the company’s president & CEO, and long-time Chicagoan has vision to assist startup and NFP businesses with their grassroots needs.
Ms. Raby is positioning the company to capture a larger market share with new products, services, and technologies. These additions to our library of tools will help our clients drive processes that improve their bottom-line across the company. This methodology eliminates non-value activities that hinder processes from realizing their perfected goals.

Kathy believes that grassroots marketing takes advantage of available resources to fulfill an objective or goal in a cost-effective manner.  It is what we call, the “Ground Zero” approach.  It allows the targeting of small groups that will help get the message out to larger audiences organically.

Ms. Raby earned a master’s degree from Full Sail University’s in Media Communications and Public Relations as well as a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Dominican University, and a bachelors from Northeastern Illinois University. She has held significant roles in varied capacities for 25 plus years. Ms. Raby draws from a range of personal, creative and professional experiences that lead the development and implementation of an effective marketing firm, one that does more than typical marketing.

Ms. Raby is positioning the company to capture a larger market share with new products, services, and technologies. These value-added entities will help our clients drive processes that improve their bottom-line across their organization. This methodology eliminates non-value activities that hinder processes from realizing its perfected goals.

Kathy also serves with two NFP organizations heavily in the Chicagoland area that support the homeless population, SAGAesc & PreacherHead Ministries.

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Lee Collins

Lee Collins

Resident Senior Software Engineer/Architect

Lee Collins, affectionately referred to as “the Guru,” is a Chicago based Senior Software Architect and Developer with over 30 years of developing leading edge software. His focus is primarily on JVM languages (Java, Groovy, Scala) and server-side JavaScript with NodeJS/Express. He is an expert in developing highly distributed systems and heavy multi-threaded/concurrent applications. Lee is skilled in functional decomposition and writing understandable, testable, reusable code. Our Senior Guru is experienced with both large and small teams working as team-member, team lead or mentor who loves “white-boarding” with others.

Mr. Collins began his career at age 17, working as a programmer for a magazine developing and maintaining an application to create records charts. After a few freelance programming jobs, he worked at Bell Laboratories where he created applications for assessing changes in income and spending of all their regions. Soon after in 1988, he took an assignment in Boca Raton, FL working for IBM on their new operating system, OS/2. In this role he was responsible for making sure the graphics layer was working according to specification on the screen as well as on devices such as printers and plotters. After becoming interested in design, he went back to Bell Laboratories to work as consultant designing Windows applications that interface with phone switches. He created one of the first bug tracking systems called Incident to track software defects. Lee taught developers at CNA Insurance how to use OS/2 Presentation Manager to create graphical applications. In 1995, while working at NORC he wrote parsing applications to extract information from computer generated documents and publish them on the Internet using Java, which at the time was a new technology. Later he went on the build other parsing systems such as an HL7 parser used in hospitals. Lee made a conscious decision to pursue functional programming, which he believed was the most solid and agile way to approach software development, such as Java, JavaScript and Scala.

We are happy to have Lee on board as a KRaby Marketing Team Member!

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Steve Butler

Steve Butler

Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Manager & Cartoon Animator

Steve Butler is a creative digital marketing strategist, social media manager, and cartoon animator that uses a myriad of tactics to build, scale and produce measurable results. Steve has been working in the advertising industry for over 20 years. He monitors market trends, creates advertising campaigns, targets strategies based on demographic data and work with the company to develop more awareness of what the client offers.

Mr. Butler plays a vital role in the successful planning and implementation of multi-channel marketing strategies for our client brands. He designs innovative ideas that bring together web, mobile, email, search, social and traditional advertising together to provide solutions that meet the client’s need based on where they are in their company’s journey and what our findings are.

Steve develops and maintains comprehensive social media strategies that define how social media marketing techniques are applied to increase visibility and traffic across the brand and products. He leads the development of organization-wide social media management standards, policies and rules of engagement for social media. He defines key performance indicators and implements enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success.

Steve Butler uses animation and graphics software, designs for a variety of media purposes. He creates characters, special effects, and graphics for websites, broadcast, multimedia presentations, training, games, and corporate presentations.

We are happy to have Steve on board as a KRaby Marketing Team Member!

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Wallace Brown

Wallace Brown

Serial Entrepreneur

Wallace Brown considers himself a “Serial Entrepreneur.” At the age of 16, his first invention was the “Lace Less Velcro Shoe.”  He later formed an organization called “The Independent Inventors Network,” which provided workshops on patent protection. While coming up with the next idea he worked as a web developer for Classified Ventures.

In 2001 he founded “ShowAndSale.com” an app, which was the first video eCommerce website for buying and selling products and business services. Show and Sale existed before YouTube, which was established in 2005. It was the first Internet based website to involve the insertion of 10 second video commercials. It was believed that it would be a staple of the Internet.  The concept was clearly spot on, because YouTube has been successful in this space.

Wallace went on to travel extensively, spending several years in Africa.  His journey began in the country of Zimbabwe. While there he established “Sahara Vending,” a distribution vending machine company in conjunction with Coca-Cola of Nairobi, Kenya. This opportunity allowed the placement and distribution of vending machines throughout the country, contracting with “Delta Beverage.”

While in Africa, Wallace created a denim apparel line called “Buck Brown Jeans,” which utilized nine indigenous animals. In addition, he spent several months in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Malaysia developing new concepts with manufacturers. From these negotiations, he created an athletic apparel line called “Sports Addict,” which is digital wireless wrestling headgear for fashion conscious athletes.

In 2017, Brown created “Ad Trek HD,” to encourage an alternative to the traditional way that companies advertise. Wallace believes that as times change, we must change also. This can be done by allowing companies to expand exponentially in areas they may not have been able to reach or afford. This is the strength and the mindset behind Ad Trek HD.

We are happy to have Wallace on board as a KRaby Marketing Team Member!

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